The Summer Before

It was a good one. My goodness it was a good one.

I was fulfilling my dream of being an EFY counselor. I had gone to EFY several times as a teenager. This time I got the opportunity to be one of the college-aged counselors who teach and testify of the gospel and lead youth in classes, activities, dances, put them to bed each night, make sure they STAY in bed, and wake them up early each morning. It was exhausting and so. Much. Fun. I still have friends from that summer.

When I wasn't working as a counselor, I was learning a lot about yard work with my momma, how to amend soil and plant. We had some good conversations and I learned it could be satisfying to sweat and get dirt under my nails.

I was also working as a receptionist for a company that serviced telephone systems from 9-5 on the days I was home.

In August, my aunt Cynthia was due any day with her second baby. Her family lived out in Nebraska and her husband was off taking the bar exam after graduating from law school. They were crossing their fingers that he would get home in time. Realizing that I was the only one in the family old enough, young enough and flexible enough, I dropped everything and hopped on a plane to go spend two weeks with them. I had a little stint as a homemaker as I ran errands, entertained my cute cousin, and made meals at night.

It seems like every night that summer I went to bed appreciating the feeling of a hard day's work.

I was finding college-age life to be a little perplexing but mostly lots and lots of fun.

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