Let It Go

Good morning world.

It is my 30th birthday, and I have a gift for you.

I've been working on it for two months straight. It's been on my mind morning, evening, and night.

It is the very best I have to offer.

I didn't plan on this, but this morning as I sent each post out for publishing, Let It Go was playing on my playlist. And I sang along. And I meant every word. Except the part about walking up a frozen mountain. It was amazing.

Well, now they know.

Let it go.  {Click. Publish.}

Let it go. {Click. Publish.}

When I'll rise like the break of dawn.

Let it go. {Click. Publish.}

Let it go. {Click. Publish.}

That perfect girl is gone.

Here I stand in the light of the day

Let the storm rage on!

The cold never bothered me anyway. 
(Actually that part's not true either.)

I would recommend first clicking on My Depression Story to follow it all in an organized fashion. That way you won't be backtracking through posts.

My sincere, heartfelt thanks to you for being here. Please stay awhile.